Searching for Shelter – Part 2

Read Time: 4 minutes In the last post, which you should totally check out first by clicking here, I headed out in search of shelter. Both a literal shelter that exists along a stretch of local trail and in a more intellectual way as I was struggling with my motivation and wondering why I just Continue Reading

Searching for shelter – Part 1

Read Time: 6 minutes A few weekends ago we had some nice sunny weather and I decided to once again head out and see what I could see along a stretch of the Sturgeon River Trail system. A couple episodes back I had explored briefly a stretch of this same trail but turned and Continue Reading

Sunny day in the pines

Read Time: 6 minutes Winter here in North Eastern MN can be frustrating for a photographer. As the snow piles up and access to just get out and hike shrinks, we are limited more and more to just cruising back roads or tromping the same ground as every other photographer out there on a Continue Reading

Hoar Frost for days

Read Time: 3 minutes Some mornings you wake up early and you get the beautiful surprise of a thick, beautiful hoar frost covering the land. It doesn’t happen too often in our neck of the woods where you get a nice heavy frost as winter conditions need to be ideal for it to really Continue Reading

A Balkan, MN Sunrise

Read Time: 3 minutes Lately it feels like we have been mired in nothing but gloomy, cloudy and constantly snowing days. I’m sure it’s really not, but it feels like we’ve had way more long stretches of this weather than most other years I can recall. Either way, when you are buried in snow Continue Reading

A pastel rural Hibbing, MN Sunrise

Read Time: 2 minutes Some mornings I just hop in the car before daybreak and head out to some local side roads and just enjoy the sunrise. Always hoping to come across a scene that captures my eye, but knowing that without a plan there is a good chance I’ll end up with nothing Continue Reading

Becker, MN Sunrise

Read Time: 3 minutes Wiping the sleep from my eyes I could see, just barely, through the crack in the hotel curtains. It was early still…Pre-dawn…but already I could see that it would be a beautiful, if freezing cold, morning to be out shooting. I hadn’t really brought much of my gear with me Continue Reading

A Lake Superior Adventure

Read Time: 4 minutes From time to time I like to try to make the few hour drive up to the North Shore of Minnesota’s Lake Superior. It’s an area full of amazing rock structures, cliffs, waterfalls and an amazingly powerful lake that is at times mesmerizing and calming, at times the picture of Continue Reading