Episode 010 Nathan Elson – Calgary Portrait and Commercial Photographer

Read Time: 3 minutes David sits down for a chat with Calgary based commercial and portrait photographer Nathan Elson. They talk about everything from the importance of pushing yourself as a creative, Nathan’s thought process behind his incredible work and even the motivations behind creating custom post processing looks for Adobe Lightroom (and now Capture One Pro).

Episode 007 – Bryan Minear on Process and Inspiration

Read Time: 3 minutes Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s fellow adventurer’s! I wanted to share a gift with you this holiday season and it’s the gift of a SECOND conversation this month! Give a listen to a conversation I had with my good friend and fantastic photographer, Bryan Minear, about his creative process, inspirations, and even how his geeky side actually helps fuel his creative vision!

Episode 005 Movie Motivation – August Rush and Creed 2

Read Time: 3 minutes Movies often provide a massive dose of motivation and inspiration disguised as entertainment. The best examples share terrific lessons if we care to look a little deeper into the film. This episode I’ve got two excellent examples for you, August Rush and Creed 2.

Episode 004 – Breaking Out of a Creative Funk

Read Time: 2 minutes That’s right, we’re going to tackle the elephant in the room. Creative funks. They absolutely suck and we’ve all been through them a time or two. I want to share with you the one thing that has worked time and time again to break me out of them on this week’s Adventure!