027 Are we capturing too many memories?

027 Are we capturing too many memories?

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Are we sending a terrible message to our children by trying to capture our favorite moments on camera?

While it’s something I had not thought about before, an article I read a while back coupled with a recent family day trip got me thinking.


The dangerous lesson a camera-obsessed culture is teaching our kids

Fearless and Framed

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2 thoughts on “027 Are we capturing too many memories?

  1. I love this discussion and actually wanted to share this topic on our podcast because I’ve had a beef with this.
    I think my man Jim explains it best. I don’t have a problem with capturing moments big or small, but sometimes don’t “break the flow” of the moment fumbling to find/fix the camera because your memory is YOUR MEMORY and that shit stays forever. How many memories do you have from your childhood? How many of those were not captured on camera? Now, how many photos do you have saved? Do they compare to those memories/moments you didn’t have on film as a kid?
    Good show, my man.


    1. Thanks Ant. Yeah it’s an interesting balance we need to find for sure. I think it’s actually all about that balance because even though I can dig up a ton of memories from childhood and feel like I remember it all pretty clearly, if I go back looking at the photos I find myself more and more saying things like “oh yeah! I totally forgot about that!” hehe.

      But I do think you are 100% correct in the idea of breaking the flow of a moment by fumbling to find/fix the camera. But I think that’s also where either being more comfortable with your gear OR being happily able to accept using simpler tools like a phone camera help. Though there are absolutely times when maybe you just sit back and enjoy the moment. I know I’m doing my best at big events(Holidays, Birthdays, etc.) to grab a small handful of photos here and there and then just put the camera down and enjoy the day because I was finding that MY memories of those days were very different from the rest of my family. They all remember having a great holiday where XYZ things happened and I remember working the day like it was a wedding shoot or something… seeing everything just through the viewfinder with that level of detachment.

      Thanks for the feedback man, really do appreciate it!

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