024 Photographic Meltdown or How I forgot how to edit

024 Photographic Meltdown or How I forgot how to edit

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Somehow over the last week I feel like I’ve totally forgotten how to edit or process my photography work. I don’t know why, but would love to know if it’s ever happened to you! Also we talk a little Game of Thrones, photographer Cig Harvey, and a favorite book from author Terry Brooks!


Cig Harvey – She’s a fantastic photographer with a major talent for creating imagery that conveys such mood and emotion.

Sometimes the Magic Works – Terry Brooks has long been one of my all time favorite authors and this classic book takes you behind the scenes of his creative process.

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2 thoughts on “024 Photographic Meltdown or How I forgot how to edit

  1. I shoot in a flat profile. Then go from there depending on the mood I felt during that shoot. Recently, I allow Adobe sensei give me a starting point and go from there based on my mood.
    I think you’re at a point where your edit taste is changing.

    1. Thanks Ant. Yeah I tend to do the same, minus letting Adobe drive hehe! I’m really hoping it’s a situation where edit taste is changing and not that I suddenly just forgot what the heck I’m doing! lol I guess I’ll do like I always do and see where the adventure takes me!

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