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Who doesn’t love a good old fashion geek out? Especially when it’s a conversation about photography, the creative process, Star Wars, and Middle Earth?! That’s exactly what I had the chance to do in a brand new feature on our podcast in which I had a chance to sit down with fellow photographer and geek, Bryan Minear!

Image Courtesy of Bryan Minear

Join them as they talk about everything from Bryan’s design and photo work, some of the biggest creative and geeky influences including J.R.R. Tolkien and Christopher Nolan, Bryan gives us his controversial pick for the best Star Wars film not counting any of the original trilogy and so much more! It’s a fantastically geeky conversation you won’t want to miss!

I’m sharing this here, and will continue to share these episodes of my podcast, digitalSoup, here on my site as well because they are related to photography, artists, and other creative individuals and I hope you guys find this other side of what I do interesting as well! Of course you can catch our main show each and every week where we hang out and chat about all things in the world of tech, geek and pop culture, crack a lot of jokes and have fun over at

As you can see, Bryan is a hell of a good photographer and I am totally honored to get this chance to not only sit down and have a fun, geeky chat with him but also to call him a friend. If you aren’t already familiar with his photography work, please do yourself a favor and go check it out, some VERY awesome stuff indeed.

Check out Bryan’s work at:

Image Courtesy of Bryan Minear
Image Courtesy of Bryan Minear
Image Courtesy of Bryan Minear
Image Courtesy of Bryan Minear

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