Thor & Hourman : Strange meeting

It’s all about the light. Amazing light brings perfect shadows.  It makes us pick up the camera when feeling uninspired and when we have no time to get to that perfect location. We head to that favorite tree we’ve photographed a million times. We hit up a local park and photograph flowers. We point the camera at ourselves. Doesn’t matter as long as we are shooting in that light. Sometimes you grab your camera and a few comic book figures you […]

Searching for Shelter – Part 2

In the last post, which you should totally check out first by clicking here, I headed out in search of shelter. Both a literal shelter that exists along a stretch of local trail and in a more intellectual way as I was struggling with my motivation and wondering why I just couldn’t seem to gain any traction. That always breaks my heart, seeing someone just give up on something they had a passion for. It’s a tough game to play, even […]

Searching for shelter – Part 1

A few weekends ago we had some nice sunny weather and I decided to once again head out and see what I could see along a stretch of the Sturgeon River Trail system. A couple episodes back I had explored briefly a stretch of this same trail but turned and headed back as I was hearing wolves howling fairly nearby and figured it would be the safe thing to do. It’s truly a unique experience having your photo hike cut […]