Shuttertime with Sid and Mac

For a long time now I’ve been really undecided about what the heck I want to do with this blog, this journal actually. I love the idea of being able to share my work on my own website without being a slave to social media. Being able to take some time and actually do a bit of writing to go along with the photos. The problem is what format should I use. How should I present this information? Who am […]

Sunny day in the pines

Winter here in North Eastern MN can be frustrating for a photographer. As the snow piles up and access to just get out and hike shrinks, we are limited more and more to just cruising back roads or tromping the same ground as every other photographer out there on a small handful of trails that remain open. Now, I’ve been shooting seriously for a little over 10 years and only very casually before that. I have spent my whole life […]

Winter fog in the northwoods

Some days you find yourself feeling so fortunate, even though you’d have done nearly anything for a few days of some nice sunshine instead of the steady gray of the clouds. One of my all time favorite weather conditions to get out making photos in is fog. It brings so much mood and feeling to an image, so much atmosphere and mystery. Normally here in Northern Minnesota we see fog roll in here and there through spring, summer and fall […]

Walking Middle Earth

One of the coolest side benefits to starting up this YouTube photography related Vlog I’ve been doing is that it has allowed me the freedom to get out of my own mind and all of it’s limitations it puts on me so that I can just get out and create photographs. I’m able to get out of my own way and just enjoy shooting and exploring with my cameras, even when they are places that I’ve grown up with and seen […]