I'm a photographer, podcaster, geeky tech fan, field tester, and avid outdoorsman based out of beautiful Northern Minnesota. I've been chasing shadows & light with my cameras since 1996, making music since I could walk, and podcasting since 2017. I'm always looking for interesting people to collaborate with on awesome projects so if you have something in mind give me a shout and let's see what we can make together!


I enjoy the challenge of all different genres of photography, from landscapes & small town "street" photography to portraits, even real estate & product/still life photography.

I'm constantly chasing shadows & light in my quest to create interesting visual artwork with a bit of a story telling twist. 

Please get in touch if you have an idea for a collaboration, need images made, are looking for some photographic tutoring, or even just want to chat about one of my recent articles! 



Growing up in Northern Minnesota instilled a passion for the outdoors from an early age. Be it hunting, fishing, or just getting out to explore, my source of inner peace comes from my family and being in the woods. 

Of course I also love all sorts of geeky things, from comics and movies to tech, gear and gadgets! I love being able to test and review all sorts of outdoor and geeky gear!


Each week I co-host a tech & geek culture podcast called digitalSoup with two great friends. We hang out, chat about all the latest tech and geek culture news while having a lot of fun along the way. 

Come visit us over at digitalsouppodcast.com, where you can listen to the weekly episodes for free and check out the other great content for geeks everywhere! You'll find reviews, articles, and more so come join the fun. 

Recent Journal Articles & Reviews

Early Summer Black and White Explorations

Seeing the world in Black and White can be a difficult thing, especially for an admitted "Color Addict" like myself. Let's have a look at a few recent photos I made as I spent a little time practicing Black and White photography a couple weekends ago. 

Contrast by Hornbeck – Learning to read light

Learning to see and interpret light is one of the biggest challenges most photographers face. Is it possible that a simple photo app on your phone could help speed up that process. Let's take a look at the 'Contrast by Hornbeck' app and see what is possible. 

Have I created enough?

Sometimes we feel like there is no point in continuing to create our artwork. This is a raw and real look inside the creative process that never gets shared. The start of a larger conversation that needs to be discussed. We're all in this together.

Book Love | How to Read a Photograph by Ian Jeffrey

Let's show some love to photo books, starting with How to Read a Photograph: Lessons from Master Photographers by Ian Jeffrey.  It's one of my favorite photography books on my bookshelf and it really is a MUST HAVE for any photographer's collection!

Gerber Freeman Guide Folder – The Review

The Gerber Freeman Guide Folder knife. Those active in the outdoors know how important having a good knife can be. From simple tasks to potentially life saving situations a good knife is essential. Can this offering from Gerber live up to the expectations?

What does photography GIVE you?

As photographers we talk about how much photography means to us. How much passion we have for the art form and how it can so often bring us joy. But I believe it gives us one VERY special gift that is sometimes misunderstood.

Every Tuesday you'll find digitalSoup at the intersection of tech, gaming, entertainment and comedy! Join us, learn a little and laugh a lot!

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